Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hip Hop Festival In "Word of Life" Kharkiv (Ukraine)

12 December, in Kharkiv, nightclub “Hi-Fi” held annual Hip Hop Festival "Message 4 Streets"!

Although, in the same time in the city were couple similar events, plus important football game between FC "Metallist" and FC "Dnepr" ("Metallist won 3:2), regardless that many young people gathered together to listen to Christian Hip Hop!

The atmosphere was wonderful! One of the Club workers, who prepared perfect cappuccino with chocolate and cinnamon, expressed his impressions when he was asked: "Does today's event differs somehow from those that usually are in your club?"

-Oh, Yes, of course it is different! Recently in our Club was a RAP party, and it was so weak organized in compare with your, nobody knew who will perform after whom, all show was improvising by the way, and so on! You have a good organization, sound, MC was good prepared, and that was cool in general!

-Well, it is Christian event!
-Yes, I realized that!

"Jesus People" group from Word of Life were the best!Their song “Oh, God forgive for all that I’ve done”, remains popular and touches the hearts of young people. Here is this song in their performance.

Before the end of the Festival, after performance and short sermon, the main voice of “Gospel people” group lead people in prayer of repentance.

And now we have a lot to do to help those who came on our “after party”! So! Show will go on! Praise the Lord!

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